Thursday, December 12, 2013

We have the lastest Christmas Thomas Kinkade "Starry Nights" Centerpiece!

They are lovely centerpieces with a lite church surrounded
by fresh Red Roses and other flowers and Christmas Greens.
You will just love this long lasting arrangement for $79.99 plus tax.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have been so busy with orders and we thank our great customers for that!

We are having so much fun today working on all our projects. We are changing web pictures by the day to keep you updated with all the new arrangements we make on a daily basis. And here below is just a sampling of what we do from day to day. Enjoy!

Kristen cleaning all the product.

Lovely Roses just freshly cleaned.

Madelyn just beginning her arrangement.

High Style in progress

Barkev and Madelyn dueling arrangements.

New shipment of Lilies

We have Graduation balloons

Our green plants

Lovely Kalanchoes.


...more orchids!

An assortment of Teddy Bears.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Come in and see all the lovely arrangements in our cooler and all the blooming plants and spring flowers we have in stock! Don't forget to give that love one a special arrangement! Have a blessed Easter Holiday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day on March 17th!

St. Patrick's Day is coming and quite a fun time to order flowers....we can have white carnations sprayed green for you for your favorite guy or gal!!!

Here is the story of St. Patrick's Day: The History

Saint Patrick was born around 385 AD in the United Kingdom. His real name is believed to be Maewyn Succat (he took on Patrick, or Patricus, after he became a priest). When he was 16, he was kidnapped by a group of Irish raiders and sold into slavery in Ireland. During his six-year captivity as a shepherd, he began to have religious visions and found strength in his faith. He finally escaped to France and became a priest - and later a bishop. When he was about 60 years old, Saint Patrick returned to Ireland to spread the Christian word. He used the shamrock, which resembles a three-leafed clover, as a metaphor to explain the Christian concept of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

An Irish Holiday?

The first St. Patrick's Day parade didn't take place in Ireland, but actually in New York City on March 17, 1762. Now, over 100 US cities have St. Patrick's Day parades. New York should be called the Big Shamrock instead of the Big Apple because their parade usually puts the rest of them to shame.

Did U Know?

Green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is the color of spring, Ireland and the shamrock. Leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick's Day, although the only reason they are is because they're Irish. Leprechauns are usually mean little creatures - with the exception of the Lucky Charms guy. People give Saint Patrick credit for chasing all the snakes out of Ireland. The truth is that snakes are not indigenous to Ireland.

And it is NOT THIS:


Monday, December 24, 2012

We at Albert's Florist wish each and every one of our customers a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year's! We reopen January 2nd, 2013. Thank you for your patronage!